AluxPartnerships as durable as the aluminium

For a while now, several industry sectors have been using aluminum due to its outstanding qualities: it is light, highly resistant to corrosion, and has a low melting temperature. Moreover, it is the most abundant metal on Earth.

Its top quality and sustainability gain more and more market share in the automotive, construction and houseware industries. It is with these same great qualities of aluminum that Alux do Brasil has been attracting new clients and building long-lasting partnerships since 2002.

We are one of Brazil's top suppliers of secondary aluminum and we have produced over 400.000 tons since our day one, with energy efficiency, resource optimization, cutting-edge technology and a highly qualified team.

Alloy recycling and preparation with efficiency and quality

Alux do Brasil manages the entire productive process of secondary aluminum alloy, from our compliance when receiving the material to be recycled to delivering the product to our client. Thus, we can assure the efficiency of our delivery dates, premium quality, and higher metal yield.

Alux's flexibility and customizing

Each company has its own process and needs. This is the reason why we decided to develop customized solutions so that you receive the product under ideal specifications.

Liquid Aluminium

If necessary, it is possible to deliver liquid aluminum to your company.

Alux's Ingot

Alux's ingots follow rigid quality standards and are easy to store. They are produced according to each customer's specifications.

Aluminium Recycling

Alux has the right technology and equipment for the remelting of our costumer's scraps. Such metal is re-processed with technology and refining to produce aluminum alloys with the quality your company needs.


Alux has got the infrastructure, technology, and the knowledge to develop alloys according to the needs of each client. Our expertise in producing high quantities of aluminum alloys assures the safety and credibility your company needs when it comes to choosing your supplier. However, if your business profile requires more specific quantities, we can easily adjust to your goals, so that our products still meet your requests.

A truly sustainable company

Our notion of sustainability begins with our products, which are constantly recycled thus reducing the quantity of waste disposal in the environment. But we took one step further and adopted natural gas as the main fuel of our plants. A safe, versatile, eco-friendly choice.

Our equipment are regularly inspected and have certifications to meet the requirements of the most advanced environmental practices.

This is Alux, working for you and for the planet.


All the attention and technology of Alux's industrial processes reflect on the quality we deliver. Such effort is been recognized with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, assuring international quality and sustainability standards to our partners.